2023 Houston Mayor Runoff: State Senator John Whitmire elected Mayor

State Senator John Whitmire, who has been serving in the Texas Senate for over 38 years, has been elected the 63rd Mayor of the City of Houston in a runoff election.

According to the Associated Press, Whitmire was elected as mayor, defeating his opponent, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.


According to his campaign website, Whitmire said as Mayor he will focus on areas including public safety, a strong economy, streets, water and drainage, city services, and bringing Houston together. 


Whitmire will replace current mayor Sylvester Turner due to term limits. Turner has been serving as mayor of Houston since he was elected in 2015 after defeating Bill King in a runoff election. He was re-elected again in 2019 after defeating Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee. 

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Whitmire will be sworn into office in January.

Texas Democrats Chairman Gilberto released this statement:

"It is my honor to congratulate John Whitmire as the next Mayor of Houston. With his legacy as the longest-serving member of the Texas Senate, I am confident Mayor-elect Whitmire is prepared to lead Houston – and Houston’s working families will be well-served under his leadership. We look forward to continuing a strong working relationship with the Houston mayor’s office to advance the issues that will improve the lives of Houston residents for generations to come.

The people of Houston were blessed to have two strong Democrats to choose from in the runoff election, and we likewise congratulate Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee on a strong mayoral campaign and her enduring legacy of distinguished service to Houstonians, Texans, and Americans alike. A healthy democracy requires strong candidates and lively debate about how best to make our communities better, and we are grateful to both of these strong Houston Democrats for upholding the sacred values of our system of government."