35 indicted on federal drug trafficking charges filed in Austin

Two separate federal grand juries in Austin have indicted 35 individuals from across Texas and Louisiana on federal drug trafficking charges.

The US Attorney's office says federal authorities arrested 21 individuals on April 8 and the other 14 were already in custody. 

In the first indictment, 27 individuals were charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute kilogram quantities of methamphetamine in Texas and elsewhere from August 2019 to March 2021.


The following individuals were arrested on April 8:

  • Karl Beck, age 42 of Austin
  • Victor Penaloza-Calderon (aka Alberto Espino-Bustos), a 36-year-old Mexican National residing in Houston
  • Craig Neely, age 45 of Austin
  • Michael Peterson, age 38 of Killeen
  • Elias Loza Jr, age 43 of Austin
  • Reginald Thomas, age 51 of Kyle
  • Amy Rogers, age 39 of Austin
  • Victoria Manning, age 33 of Austin
  • Laurel Yurchick, age 46 of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Joshua Bailey, age 43 of Austin
  • Leonard Cantrell, age 34 of Elgin
  • Daylin Lopez-Iglesias, age 31 of Pasadena
  • Hallie Shaw, age 36 of Austin;
  • Rita Islas, a 39-year-old Mexican National residing in Nacogdoches
  • Madison Mitchell, age 19 of Austin

The following individuals were already in custody before:

  • Bobby Hale, age 34 of Giddings
  • Stephanie Shires, age 44 of Georgetown
  • Stephen Penberg, age 37 of Austin
  • Clinton Johnson, age 37 of Austin
  • Shawn Malmquist, age 30 of Cedar Park
  • Cody Richards, age 30 of Liberty Hill
  • Anthony Lones II, age 36 of Cedar Park
  • Richard Zamora, age 44 of Austin
  • Adrianne Spence, age 35 of Austin
  • Joshua Cherry, age 29 of Austin
  • Jeffrey Sparks, age 38 of Manor
  • Hilda Gutierrez-Benitez, age 37 of Austin

Beck, Penaloza-Calderon, Neely, Hale, Peterson, Loza, and Thomas face between 10 years to life in federal prison upon conviction of the drug charge based on the amount of methamphetamine involved. The remaining defendants face between five to 40 years in federal prison upon conviction of the drug charge based on the amount of methamphetamine involved.

In addition, Beck, Penaloza-Calderon, Neely, Hale, Zamora, Islas, and Mitchell are also charged with one count of money laundering. They face up to 20 years in federal prison upon conviction of the money laundering charge. 

Authorities had already seized 65 kilograms of methamphetamine and more than $49,000 and other assets attributable to this drug trafficking organization, says the US Attorney's office. On April 8, authorities then seized approximately seven kilograms of methamphetamine, one kilogram of cocaine, a dozen firearms, and $20,000 attributable to this organization.


In the second indictment, eight individuals were charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Court documents allege that the defendants conspired since April 2019 to distribute methamphetamine in the central Texas area. All the defendants face between 10 years and life in federal prison upon conviction.

The following were arrested on April 8:

  • Monty Lane Riggs, age 66 of San Saba
  • Suni Wynn Rogers, age 39 of Richland Springs
  • Joseph Martinez Mafnas, age 28 of Florence
  • Shawnwilliam Songao Santos, age 48 of Florence
  • Marylee Manfas Santos, age 48 of Florence
  • Vincent Lee Presto, age 48 of Harker Heights

Dude Edward Beabout, age 63 of Kempner, and Ashley Jo Wiggins, age 33 of Killeen were already in custody.

Previous seizures by law enforcement included approximately 18 kilograms of methamphetamine and 25 firearms. During the arrests on April 8, authorities seized an additional two firearms.