35-pound tabby cat stars in wedding photos with newly adopted family in Washington, DC

A 35-pound cat rescued by the Humane Rescue Alliance poses for wedding photos with his newly adopted family (Kristi Odom Photography).

A 35-pound tabby cat that was taken in by the Human Rescue Alliance in D.C. starred in a wedding shoot with his newly adopted family.

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Mountain View

Symba was adopted in June and has since been on a very strict diet and exercise regime.

His new parents, Kiah and Peter, tied the knot on July 8 and of course the “tubby tabby,” who has since been renamed Vito after Vito Spatafore from the HBO show “The Sopranos,” was a big addition to their wedding photos.

Mountain View

Kristi Odom Photography captured photos of sweet Vito with his loving family and he appears to be adjusting to his new, healthier lifestyle.

Mountain View