4 arrested after 15-year-old girl danced at Orange County strip club: affidavit

The owner of an Orange County, Florida strip club and three managers have been arrested under suspicion of human trafficking after an investigation revealed a then 15-year-old girl was allowed to dance at the club for years, according to court records.

William Sierer, the owner of Flash Dance Orlando, general manager Johnathan Johnson, assistant manager and "house mom," Kimberly Sinclair, and manager Paul DeValle have been charged with one count of human trafficking for commercial sexual activity of a child under 18, a life felony.

According to the affidavit, Sierer and his managers hired the underage girl in 2019 without proof of her name, age, or license, and allowed her to work. The girl was reportedly 15 at the time, and was still dancing in 2021, despite being 17 and still underage, the documents state.

The girl reportedly told deputies that she provided a fake birthdate, according to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation's investigative report, and that she was working to try and provide for her and her mom. She reportedly worked at another club six months earlier, according to the investigative report.

The three-year investigation found dozens of instances where the teen was allowed to work at the club illegally. 

Authorities became aware of the situation on Feb. 24, 2021 after a deputy noticed a vehicle that left the club with no visible rear lights. During that stop, the girl, who was a passenger, apparently gave her name and an incorrect birthdate to the deputy, who was able to confirm her real birthdate.

At the time, the girl was arrested on a juvenile custody order and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.