4 men killed in fiery wreck early Sunday morning not yet identified

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Austin police say they have not yet identified the 4 men who were killed in a fiery wreck early Sunday morning.  It happened in north Austin at the Arbor Walk.

New electrical lines have been installed in the back of this arbor walk building, but they can’t hide the marks left behind by a car that hit it. The point of impact is more than 10 feet above the parking lot -- and at least 100 feet from where the car left the road.

"Will we ever really know what they were doing? No, maybe not,” said APD Cpl Angel Polansky.

The intersection of the 360/Capitol of Texas Highway and MoPac - is where the crash happened shortly before 5:00 Sunday morning. 4 men were inside the white sedan that went airborne and burst into flames after crashing to the ground.

"We got the fire knocked down very quickly, but at that point, the damage to the vehicle, and with the intensity of the fire too, there was nothing we could do with the victims,” said AFD Division Chief Palmer Buck.

The medical examiner’s office spent the day trying to identify the victims.  It may take weeks before a full toxicology report is competed. Monday morning - two stacks of melted plastic racks were all that remained at the crash scene.

This is not the first time to read like the has happened here. An old scar can be seen just to the right of where the car went off the road .

That wreck took place before the arbor walk shopping center was built -- when the site was a golf range owned by u.t. despite the two incidents - police do not consider the location to be dangerous.

"Well we have traffic lights so,thats the warning in itself, that’s a T-intersection, so hopefully a person is not impaired, knows the areas, and knows to stop,” said Cpl. Polansky.

A traffic light that was torn down - was replaced Monday by a TX DOT road crew. FOX7 has also been told that traffic engineers will do a safety review at the location to determine if additional - or larger - warning signs should be installed.