4 Texas State students arrested amid counter protests

In anticipation of Texas nomads SAR arrival Texas State students gathered Wednesday to counter protest the outside group's demonstration. The University had heavy police presence on standby to ensure student safety.

The Texas Nomads posted on social media about marching through the campus but ultimately decided not to show.

Students tell FOX 7 that students from Turning Point USA were present at the counter protest wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. Sophomore Mena Yasmine said a woman knocked off one of the students hats.

"The boy wearing a Make America Great Again hat started to shove the woman and began to yank her backpack," said Yasmine.

A fight broke out and campus police arrested four students. According to a statement released by the University no tasers were used and no students were harmed.

"The police officers had knocked my comrade to the ground really violently, my comrade was on the floor flat, not moving complying and at this point I began to record,"said Yasmine. "The police officers were getting increasingly violent. I was shoved because I was recording."

Tensions remained high on campus students wearing MAGA hats by UPD were surrounded by a crowd of students arguing. The difference in political views kept the students at a standstill for about an hour. Senior Chris Wetterman said the crowd size was overwhelming.

"My friends and I who happen to be wearing a MAGA hat kind of started getting surrounded and we started having a very civil discourse about race relations in America and how we might fix it,"

Director of Christ Chapel James Bouzard held a sign with the words "hating sucks."

"Mind you a paraphrase of the scripture passage about loving one's enemies and caring for and praying for those of persecution. I think a message of love and caring for one another is desperately needed right now here and across the country," Bouzard said.

The four students have been arraigned and are facing various charges.