4-year-old San Francisco birthday boy feted with fire trucks

A 4-year-old boy in San Francisco, who is obsessed with trucks and cars, was greeted with a special birthday parade. 

The birthday boy, Connor Walsh, smiled and watched as police and firefighters sounded their sirens and flashed their lights on Tuesday afternoon.

His mom, Laura Walsh, said Connor was born 3 months early and so every year, they like to make his birthday extra special.

But because of the pandemic, his parents, who are both nurses, had to get creative. 

 "There's a lot of emotion surrounding Connor's birthday for our family," she said. "So, to make it something really just full of love like this and with so many people, well, it's extremely heartwarming." 

Along with San Francisco firetrucks and police cars, AAA and PG&E vehicles also rumbled down the street for Connor's birthday parade.