500 San Francisco educators granted medical exemptions, will teach from home: report

As San Francisco schools reopen, some students will be physically in class, while their teachers are at home.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports close to 500 teachers and aides have received medical exemptions allowing them to teach remotely.

A substitute or another staffer will supervise the class.

The number of teachers and aides on a medical exemption far surpasses neighboring districts and is expected to cost San Francisco more than $40,000 per day for substitutes to supervise students in those classrooms, or about $1.5 million before summer break, the Chronicle reported.

Parents tell the paper they are frustrated by the so-called "Zoom in a Room" approach.

"It’s beyond logic," parent Kira Gaber, whose kindergarten son returned to his Argonne Elementary classroom in the Richmond District, told the Chronicle. "It was mostly Zoom for my kid. When he was eating lunch and playing at recess, he was not on the computer."

All of San Francisco's elementary school students are set to return to the classroom by the end of this month.