VIDEO: Houston Good Samaritan helps drag wounded cop out of US 59 gunfight

Moments that look like they're from the silver screen, John Lally caught his own heroic acts on camera. 

Lally says he was driving down Highway 59 on Saturday when he witnessed a police chase turn into a car crash. 

He says he pulled over to help any injured drivers but witnessed a lot more than expected.

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"As soon as I jump out of the car there's gunshots going off," he said. "Then I looked to my left and saw that cop get shot."

Police say Officer J. Gibson was trying to pull over a suspect in a stolen vehicle and a chase began when the car didn't pull over. 

Police say later they learned the driver was a carjacking suspect, and during the chase, he crashed into multiple cars on Highway 59. 

They say Officer Gibson approached the suspect's car giving commands, and the suspect started shooting at Gibson, hitting him in his leg. 

Shortly after, Lally got to the scene and jumped into action. 

"That's when I grabbed that cop by his vest and dragged him all the way back to my work truck," he said.

Lally sat with Officer Gibson, holding his hand and holding a conversation while other officers applied a tourniquet to Gibson's leg. 

Many other officers arrived at the scene and police say they continued to pursue the suspect.

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Police say the suspect got into another car, then got back out, and attempted to get into a second car. Police say five officers shot at the suspect, who was hit multiple times. The 19-year-old died from his injuries at the hospital, according to police.

"It sucks that people got injured and even the man who caused the whole thing lost his life, but I think a higher power knows what they're doing," said Lally. 

He says he hopes his acts inspire others to jump into action if needed.


"If y'all see somebody that you can help, help them. That's the main moral of the story," he said. 

Police are still investigating the incident and will release the body camera within 30 days.