Home security system may actually attract scammers

An ADT security camera appeared to capture one of its own earlier this month. Video shared with FOX 7 showed what looks like an ADT representative stopping by a Round Rock home.

"I opened the door, and he told me he was here to check on my security system and that he needed to get access to my house inside to check the wires," said Paige, who didn’t want to be fully identified. "He said, ‘I really need to get in, because they told me that I need to do a security check and make sure everything is installed properly.’"

But Paige, the homeowner, hadn’t made an appointment and was quickly wary. She did not see any form of identification on him.

"He said, ‘I saw a sign in your yard that said ADT,’" she said. "That indicated to me, he wasn't sent here by them, he was just looking for signs."

She has since removed her ADT sign from sight as a precaution.

While it can’t be confirmed in this specific case, a quick search brought up multiple posts on social media about similar interactions, appearing to be fraudulent.

It’s not the only "uniform scam."

Recently, Austin Energy sent out an alert about people posing as a representative of the utility company or the city, going door-to-door to give residents an estimate on solar panels. They may ask to assess the homeowner’s roof or come inside the home.

While some scammers may be trying to get personal information or scope out valuables in a home, according to ADT, companies will sometimes pose as them to ultimately trick residents into switching providers.

According to ADT, common phrases that may alert residents to a sales representative scammer include, "We are here to upgrade your ADT system," and "ADT is no longer covering your area."

For further clarification, an ADT spokesperson shared the following statement with FOX 7:

"Most ADT appointments are pre-scheduled and when arriving at a customer location, ADT professionals are required to present identification. They also drive branded vehicles and wear ADT uniforms. If that is not the case, then ADT advises consumers not to engage and to notify local authorities. While our Dealers do door knock, they are committed to our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct specifically dictates how Dealers represent themselves to customers, especially as doorknockers. They are prohibited from using any language that might confuse the customer or in any way imply they work for ADT or were sent on behalf of ADT for any service issue."