75-100 people fall ill after high school banquet in Round Rock

Between 75 and 100 people got sick after going to a banquet Monday night. A spokesperson from Round Rock Independent School District says the annual banquet was meant to honor student athletes at the end of the school year, but ended unfortunately. 

“It’s something we look forward to all year and we’re just hoping everyone rests up, hydrates and feels better,” Jenny Lacoste-Caputo says. 

She tells FOX 7 names are being collected of the people who were impacted. But shortly after eating at an event center in Round Rock, several folks developed gastrointestinal issues.

Caputo says the Williamson County’s Health District is investigating and has not confirmed if this was food poisoning. 

A restaurant where the head coach of Round Rock High School’s baseball team says he and his wife eat all the time. “I don’t think it was the restaurant I think it was how the food was handled. Something seriously went wrong,” Coach John Carter says. 

He says he’s trying to keep a positive attitude. Between the varsity team, junior varsity team and family 20 people have been impacted by this. That includes his wife and 12 varsity players who were supposed to participate in the playoffs Thursday night. 

He says he and his wife ate the same thing: fajitas, rice, beans, queso, and hot sauce. But his wife didn’t have the tortilla used for fajitas. 

“I just want everyone to feel better. My wife is my rock. She started feeling sick Monday night. Our kids who went to the banquet haven’t been impacted which is a blessing but some people are still experiencing symptoms,” Coach Carter says. 

He says not to count them out when it comes to the beginning of their 3 game series on Thursday against the Akins Eagles at Dell Diamond. 

“One thing we can can control is our attitude. If my players say they can only give 80 percent that’s alright with me. If they give 100 percent of that 80 and stay positive I’m happy.”

Coach Carter tells FOX 7 right after practice at 6 o’ clock Wednesday night he received numerous text messages. 

“One of my players on varsity who went to practice tonight wasn’t feeling well post practice. Now he’s throwing up. And our assistant coach started to feel ill this morning. He’s now at urgent care where at least 4 more other kids from the banquet are there too.” 

Coach Carter says he feels great right now, and if he falls ill no matter how he bad it is, he’s going to be there for the playoffs. 

“I need my team and kids to know that I’m here for them no matter what.”