8-year-old boy hit by car in North Austin Saturday

Austin police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old boy who has hit by a car in North Austin Saturday night. 

Police say the call came in just after 10 p.m. The boy was pronounced dead on scene.

Police say the boy was alone in the road near the 400 block of East Yager Lane when he was hit. 

“We’re still investigating, about how the child ended up being out here at this time of night, with those circumstances.” Sgt. Jonathan Ziebell said. 

The accident took place on a bridge over a small creek. The area surrounding the bridge has sidewalks, but the bridge does not. 

“Once you get to that area where the accident occurred there are no sidewalks and again, there’s guardrails, that almost narrow down to the side of the street. So, there is no pedestrian crossing for that area.” Ziebell said. 

Ziebell said there is also limited lighting, adding that the area should be off limits for pedestrians of any age. Kingsley Coppinger lives nearby and calls the bridge a popular “thoroughfare.” 

“Every morning when I drive to work I see kids walking to school, elementary school kids and at night there are adults walking when there’s not many street lights.” he said. 

Coppinger said he wants people to “slow down” and understand “how dangerous” the bridge is. 

“It’s really scary, especially for drivers it’s scary because you can’t always see the people walking.” he said. 

He says he would like to see sidewalks extended over the bridge. Adding accident is tragic but not surprising. 

“It’s such a high traffic area for pedestrians walking in the street.” he said.