$86 Million Manor ISD bond

For the second time in two years, voters in Manor will be tasked with voting for or against a multi-million dollar school bond. If approved, voters would have approved more than $210 million worth of bonds for its school district.

On Saturday, an $86 million bond, known as phase two, will be on the table. School officials said the bond will further expand on the ground work laid when voters approved a nearly $125 million bond in 2014.

Abby Chalmers, the Director of Communications for Manor ISD, said the object of the bonds was for the school to keep pace with an ever increasing community on top of the nearly 9,000 students across 13 campuses.

"The district has been a pretty high growth district for the last decade. In the last five years the district has grown approximately 25%." Chalmers said, "Our demographers, the most recent look, our demographers are anticipating that the district will grow an additional 20% in the next five years. and with the new homestarts, the developers that the district works with, we are not anticipating that that slows down at all. we are looking at new students every year for the next, for the foreseeable future."

Phase one, which passed in 2014, helped create more space for a projected spike in student attendance. Three additional schools were approved including an elementary school, a middle school, and a third high school.

Chalmers said phase two is an extension of phase one. It will not only expand on projects laid out in 2014 but would help renovate schools in place.

According to Manor ISD, the bond will break down like this:

  • District-wide projects - $25.9 Million

These projects include: Energy upgrades, security updates, drainage repair, structural repairs, and safety fencing.

  • Manor New Tech High School, Phase 2 - $21.1 Million

Includes: Classroom addition for 400 more students, cafeteria renovations, gym and locker rooms, and stadium/parking upgrades.

  • Technology Upgrades - $17 Million

Includes: Virtual desktops, fiber optic networking, data recovery center, AV system improvements.

  • Manor Senior High School Phase 2 - $12.1 Million

Includes: Fine Arts classroom, field house/tennis courts, additional gym seating.

  • Manor New Tech Middle School Phase 2 - $3.9 Million

Includes: Classroom addition for 300 more students, practice field, and field house improvements

  • Bus replacement - $3 Million

Includes: Purchasing 30 new school busses

  • Auxiliary projects - $3 Million

Includes: Transportation Department, additional parking, covered equipment parking, and food service cooler/freezer/storage addition.

For more information, you can go to ManorISD.net.