A look at the fashion of "Empire"

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It's all about the over-the-top fashion on fox's breakout hit show Empire.

The woman behind the show's epic style, fashion designer Rita McGhee, takes us behind the scenes inside the show's closet

"It's a big show it's a lot of cast members, a lot of changes but we just take it one step at a time. We delegate everything, we look at the scripts, the call sheet, the times that they're working and then I send out my shopper, I shop sometimes too and we go out and get it done and we bring it all together," she said.

McGhee says real life celebrities have inspired some of the looks.

"Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Diana Ross - music, crime bosses, The Godfather, Michelle Pfeiffer all different inspirations cause Cookie is a boss. She's a boss, she's a mother, she's inspirational, she's strong, she's- she takes care of business but she's still soft too," McGhee said.

The show's star Taraji P. Henson says the clothing is part of her character, the scene-stealing Cookie.

"I wouldn't know who Cookie was if I didn't know what she liked to wear. That's a huge part of who she is. It tells a lot of her story. You know she's caught in a time warp in a bit, she's kind o 17 years behind the curve in fashion sometimes. You know she's trying to find her way," Henson said.

Empire airs Wednesdays on FOX.