A proposed concrete batch plant is causing controversy in Dripping Springs

The city council voted unanimously to pass this resolution which means they are siding with the residents who live here. But residents aren't thrilled with how it was proposed and where it's going to be built, and they want the people in charge of bringing it to Dripping Springs to hear that.

It was a packed house at the meeting. The council even moved the item up on the agenda.

The company behind the plant filed a permit first for agricultural use back in December. Then the company filed a permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and later put a notice in two papers but those papers are outside of Dripping Springs. No one here knew about that in time to request the hearing.

"Right now we have a lot of fear. We got a lot fear and concern of the unknown because we don't feel like it's gone through the correct process," said Mayor Tom Purcell.

"This now is almost 500 people strong and we think it will be stronger," said Dripping Springs resident and radio host Bama Brown.

There is no exact date for a lawsuit filing that's been proposed but as far as the council goes, the next step for them is to pass this resolution on to the TCEQ. That will force a public hearing.

It's possible the company will file a public notice in the paper in the next few days. That will be when residents would have a chance to request a hearing.