ABIA expecting around 30K passengers per day for Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and many people have already been traveling home for the holiday. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is expecting to see thousands of people traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"We do know nationwide that bookings are up. More people are traveling during Thanksgiving, and we're expecting to see the same things here in Austin," said Bruce Dubee, ABIA spokesperson.

Over the next few days, ABIA is expecting to see around 30,000 passengers per day. Saturday is said to be calm before the storm when it comes to traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, and that is why the Fry family picked it.

"We were actually just telling the agents that we picked this day specifically hoping that it might not be quite as crazy. I figure Monday and Tuesday will be the busiest days right ahead of Thanksgiving," said Sarah Fry.

With their tickets in one hand and their children in the other, the Fry family is thrilled to be able to see their family in Louisiana for Thanksgiving especially since they did not travel at all last year due to the spike with COVID-19.

"This year, it’s exciting. We get to be back together again and spend time with our friends and our cousins and I'm really looking forward to it," she said.

If you plan to travel these next few days, ABIA officials say plan ahead and have your mask ready.

"What we're recommending is at least three hours. That doesn't mean standing in line at TSA three hours prior to your flight, but that means if you do have to drop off a rental car, find where you're going to be parking, check in any bags, get a boarding pass, all those little extra steps do add up so give yourself that extra time," said Dubee.

If you plan to bring food with you when you travel, you can pack it on your carry-on if it's not a liquid.

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