Abortion rights activists gather at Planned Parenthood to speak out against SB 22, HB 1929

On Monday, a group of abortion rights activists gathered at an Austin Planned Parenthood to speak out against Senate Bill 22 and House Bill 1929. 

The bills would ban taxpayer dollars on both the state and local level from being used by an abortion provider or affiliate.

The East 7th Street Clinic hosted the event Monday.

The City of Austin and Planned Parenthood have had a lease agreement since the 1970’s where Planned Parenthood can lease the taxpayer-owned property for $1 each year. The clinic does not carry out abortions, but proponents of the legislation argue that the money they’re saving from the agreement, and similar agreements, goes on to fund abortions. 

In late 2018 the clinic’s lease was renewed in a 10-1 city council vote. 

"I think the local officials have been clear on their support as we've seen from the community," said Sarah Wheat, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Greater Texas. "And so, I think the question is whether the Texas legislature and other elected [officials] from cities outside of Dallas for example should dictate how the Austin community provides public health."