Accused 'I-35 Rock Thrower' Pat Johnson testifies in sexual assault trial

The man known as the "I-35 serial rock thrower" testified in court today for another crime.  This week he's being tried for sexually assaulting a child. 

Final arguments were supposed to take place this afternoon but then Pat Johnson decided to testify.  He was often emotional about his own experiences with sexual abuse as a child...prosecution objected to that every time he brought it up.  He denied he would ever harm a child. 

In the court paperwork, there's a description of a "pretext call" where the victim asked Johnson if he could come over for a sexual act.  Johnson told the victim it was up to him.  During his testimony today Johnson says he was sedated, on medication and just wanted to get him off the phone.  

Fox 7 also obtained a letter Johnson wrote to judge David Crain while in jail.

"Being devout Christian, I have never in my life harmed anyone." -- These are the handwritten words of Pat Johnson.

The point of the letter was to express his desire for additional court appointed attorneys. 

After the bit about not harming anyone, Johnson goes on to say he's quote "given back, answering a 24 hour victim's hotline for 10 years amassing 30,000 calls and raising foster boys...9 to be exact."

Prosecutors have said Johnson portrayed himself as someone who rescued runaway teens but he victimized them instead.

Fox 7 also obtained court documents that claim Johnson harassed the victim in the sexual assault case...including trying to get him in trouble at his job and writing on a wall outside his work that he was a "snitch."

In Johnson's letter to the judge, he also refers to himself as a quote "high profile inmate" similar to District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg when she was in custody.