Accused UT Austin murderer takes stand in defense

The prosecution of Meechaiel Criner ended with the jury taking a long look inside his laptop-tablet computer. Detective Manny Fuentes, with the Travis County DA's office, testified about finding several selfies / images of Criner on the device.  

Some with him wearing glasses, others with a bandana.  

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Similar glasses were found at the crime scene.  Investigators say a bandana was worn by a man recorded on security camera video the night Haruka Weiser was murdered.

Fuentes also told the jury about locating a blog in the computer files, allegedly written by Crinner. The document begins with a warning that it contains sexual violence.

It’s titled: "Enchanting Eyes.” According to a synopsis; the first story is "about a boy who has the power to make any female lust after him." After the state rested Criner took the stand in his own defense.

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He told the jury about attending special needs classes in school, leaving his home in Texarkana in 2015 and traveling to Austin because he had read it was a good place to be for a writer.

Criner told the jury that shortly after he arrived in Austin he was picked up by police, turned over to child protective services and placed in a Killeen foster care home. Criner said he liked his foster parent and school but decided to walk back to Austin after reading a book about living in the wild.  

He described wandering around town looking for places to sleep, for food and scavenging items.

At times he seemed childlike and animated as if remembering an adventure. When asked about the day Haruka Weiser was murdered, Criner claimed while walking back from downtown he found three bags filled. Investigators have shown those bags included property belonging to Weiser.

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Criner also claimed he found the bike that was recovered from a vacant building where he was found in after the murder. The bike is believed to be the one seen in this campus security camera video – that’s used by the murder suspect. When asked by his defense attorney if he killed Haruka Weiser - Criner turned serious and said, “No sir.” 

When questioned by prosecutors, Criner continued to deny being responsible for the murder.

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He also said the glasses found at the crime scene may look like his, but they are not the pair he lost. He wrapped up his testimony by telling the jury he is more worried about who really did it. As for his chances for acquittal, Criner said he didn't like his odds and thought things don’t look good for him.