ADORABLE: Newborn makes 'splash' during photo shoot

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Abbie Rogers Photography

An Indiana photographer during a newborn photo shoot captured the moment the newborn put on quite a show!

Little Pryor was not even two-weeks-old when he became the spotlight of a now-viral photo. The photographer, Abbie Rogers, 24, said she was about 30 minutes into the photo shoot with mom and baby when she added dad into the mix. "Shortly after Dad stepped up baby started squirming and he gave us a show, which is now known internationally," Rogers said.

The resulting photo was a hilarious shot of the baby urinating into the air while mom purses her lips in surprise and dad's eyes pop open.

Rogers posted the photo to her Facebook page with the caption: "So....This happened today! In case anyone wants to know what really happens during a newborn session."

"They're typically naked for a couple of hours during the shoot, only diapered if they're wrapped or wearing a little newborn outfit, so the chances of it happening are pretty great," Rogers told FOX 13. "I do lots of laundry after newborn sessions!" 

The stream hit the lighting stand and the floor, but nothing a few paper towels and baby wipes couldn't wipe clean. "We had a good laugh after it was all said and done!" Rogers said.