AISD students dish up some skills in burrito competition

A Kealing Middle School team of three took home the top prize at the fourth annual Diced and Sliced cooking competition. 

The competition gives Austin ISD students the opportunity to dish up some serious grub and create their own recipes. This year's challenge was creating a masterpiece of a burrito. For all the students involved, teamwork was what made the dream work.

"I was kind of at the stove for the whole hour, with the bacon, stir-fry and vegetables," said Joanna Chavez, eighth grader.

"I was mainly cutting for a lot of it and getting the stir-fry ready," said Django Somera, eighth grader.

The winner, the "Burrito Verde", was made and inspired by Magaly Robles-Torres' late grandmother and family.

"They were very poor back then. They didn’t even have clothes. That salsa, she created to make her kids feel rich, and feel that they have something. That stuck with my dad and mom," said Robles-Torres.

Her plan was to awe the three judges with comfort and love in each bite.

"They absolutely learned to work as a team because they had to produce this burrito in one hour," said Rebecca Matson, Intro to Culinary Arts teacher at Kealing Middle School.

Preparation for this started earlier in the semester. Their teacher said she is proud of each and every student who competed and hopes these skills can stick with them forever.

"I hope someday they will cook for their families. Maybe someone will become a famous chef who knows," said Matson.

In addition to the trophy, the "Burrito Verde" will be featured on AISD school lunch menus next year.