Alec "Monopoly" brings new mural to Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin just passed GO. 

A new mural was painted on the wall outside of "The Parlor and Yard" bar on Wednesday.  

Alec "Monopoly" painted a new mural in Downtown Austin dedicated to Austinites. (FOX 7 Austin)

NYC based artist Alec "Monopoly" was invited to replace the "Austin Howdy" mural previously painted on the wall. 

 AUSTIN, TX - "Austin Howdy" the mural before Alec "Monopoly" painted the new mural. (Getty Images) 

"Monopoly" regularly uses well-known figures in his work to relate his art to the community. "I love using iconic characters to connect with the audience." Monopoly said. 

In the mural, Alec surrounded the iconic "Monopoly Man" with Texas staples, including the Texas flag, longhorns, and even barrels of oil. "Mr. Monopoly is my signature character that everyone knows me by. I had him dressed up as a cowboy." Alec said.  

According to the artist, it was important for him to keep the people living in Austin in mind when creating the mural. "For me when I'm creating artwork, I'm creating it for people living in that area. I want to envoke emotions of happiness." Alec said. 

You can visit the new mural on Nueces and West 6th Street in Downtown Austin.