Alex Trebek gives update on cancer treatment, reveals 'Jeopardy!' will air old shows amid COVID-19 shutdown

Game show host Alex Trebek poses on the set of the "Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament Show Taping on April 17, 2010 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Alex Trebek gave fans a health update while announcing a “Jeopardy!” first to fans.

The 79-year-old host appeared in a video recorded at his home to announce that, for the first time ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, vintage episodes of the series will be broadcast for the remainder of July and into August.

The host, who appeared with a new goatee, took the opportunity to give fans an update on his treatment for pancreatic cancer.

“I’m doing well,” he said at the conclusion of the video. “I’ve been continuing my treatment and it is paying off. Though it does fatigue me a great deal, my numbers are good. I’m feeling great. In fact, during the break from the studio, I even wrote a book that will be coming out July 21st.”

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Trebek was referencing the upcoming release of his latest book “The Answer is…: Reflections on My Life.”

The host announced he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March of 2019. He has since undergone several rounds of chemotherapy for treatment and hasn’t been shy about keeping fans updated on every step of his recovery journey.

In the video, Trebek also shared some more details about what fans can expect from the show's airing schedule going forward, now that it’s burned through all of the episodes it had in the can prior to the coronavirus production shutdown.

“Now, in the meantime, I’m here at home recording show openings for some very special ‘Jeopardy!’ episodes that will be coming up in July,” he said. “For the first time ever, we are going to open the ‘Jeopardy!’ vaults and take another look at some of our favorite episodes, including the very first ‘Jeopardy!' show I ever hosted — mustache and all.”

According to an announcement on the game show’s website, producers “combed through 8,000 episodes and have selected 20 shows that highlight key moments, contestants and gameplay over the course of 36 seasons, many of which have not been aired since their original broadcast.”

Starting July 20, fans will see a week of highlights from the show’s first decade. The following week will show highlights from “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and the first two weeks of August will rebroadcast “Million Dollar Masters” games.

“Once again, I can’t wait to return to the studio and start recording shows for the new season in September,” Trebek concluded his video announcement. “Meanwhile, my wish for all of you — stay safe.”

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