Wild video shows alligator roaming Florida stormwater pipe

While investigating a series of potholes on a Florida roadway, crews discovered an alligator in a stormwater pipe.

A spokesperson for the City of Oviedo said crews placed a four-wheel robotic camera in the pipes at Lockwood Boulevard near Riverside to investigate issues under the roadway when they came across the reptile. 

At first, they thought it was a toad. As the camera got closer to its two glowing eyes and they saw its long tail, they immediately realized it was an alligator.


Alligator scares women tubing down Florida river: ‘It’s hissing at her'

An alligator catching some rays on a log gave three women quite a scare as they approached the relaxing reptile while floating down a Florida, river on inner tubes.

Crews followed the 5-foot gator through the pipes with the robotic camera until the camera got stuck on an indentation and the gator wandered off. 

City officials shared the video as a reminder to not play in stormwater pipes.