An Austin love story: Getting proposed to at your own movie at Alamo Drafthouse

The bar continues to get set high for people who are proposing to their significant others and one Austin man is no exception.

"We've been going out for about eight years so there's been some pressure and some hints that there may have been some kind of engagement coming," Zac said. The movie was about him and Kelly.

“I really wanted to do something kind of unique,” he said.

“I thought we were going to a movie for our friend who we walked into the theater with and it was supposed to be a work event for him, and we were kind of running a little late,” Kelly said. 

They were running late on purpose because in all of the seats behind her were family and friends. “Everybody is always like ‘Why didn't you look around, why didn't you see the people in the theater?’ I just wanted to sit down and just be like okay, I don't want to cause any distractions," she said.

Kelly said she was a little annoyed at first with her boyfriend's lack of punctuality, which was captured on film as she rolled her eyes at Zac. ”You'll see so much attitude there. There was a lot of attitude, because I knew we were late and I didn't want him to be the reason. Alamo is strict about who can come in the theater at what time,” she said.

But a little eye roll, quickly turned into something else and the tears started rolling.

“I lost it the whole time, there was a lot of ugly crying in that.” Kelly said she had no idea it was coming, dating a videographer, being filmed is nothing new to her. “It was probably 5 years’ worth of anytime we would go on trips, we would just be hanging out. There's usually a camera in or around her face,“ Zac said.

He also said it was really hard to keep it a secret, but he was successful. “She’s very suspicious, and I think this is probably the only surprise I’ve ever been able to keep from her, totally worth it that this is the surprise I could keep,” he said.

No surprise here, she said yes. "It's amazing, and I am just so grateful for all of the time and the effort he did put into it, because it shows how much he loves me,” she said.

The couple said they are getting married in Sonoma, California in September of next year.

For a link of the full proposal, you can click here.