Angry employee accused of breaking customer's finger in drive-thru

A man claims an employee at a Tim Hortons in Michigan broke his finger in the drive-thru window when he was there just to get some coffee.

It was a routine Saturday morning for construction worker Steven Woods - until it came time to pay for his order.

"[The employee] grabbed the money, threw it back at me and said, 'We don't take $100 bills here.' And I said, 'I thought you guys were a franchise corporation here, this is all the U.S. currency I have. Do you have to accept this or am I mistaken?' She threw the money at me and said, 'Take your business somewhere else.'" Woods says.

Then, the two got into a brief argument before Woods says the employee broke his finger.

"She slammed the window. I opened up the window and said, 'Are you kidding me? This is how you treat people?' She said yep and slammed the window," Woods says. "My adrenaline was rushing; I didn't even notice that my hand was smashed. I looked at my finger and it was swollen like a balloon."

The confrontation didn't end there. Woods says he went inside to tell the employee about his finger.

"She was like, 'Oh, well, you can get out of here or I'll have Roseville police escort you out.'"

After, the accused employee allegedly even took to Facebook, cussing out the customer, and saying, "I hope your finger hurts all day ... never should have touched my window."

"Whether I shouldn't have touched the window or not, I should not have walked away with a broken finger. And for her demeanor, how she acted about it, is ridiculous," Woods says.

Roseville police are investigating.

We also went inside the location, which is on Gratiot and Curtis, to try to get some answers.

No one inside would comment for us, but outside a sign now hangs on the drive-thru that says they will no longer be accepting $50 or $100 bills. We've reached out to the employee but have not received a response.

"Se should go to jail. She should be reprimanded and face consequences for her actions," Woods says. He says he'll be taking legal actions.

FOX 2 has also reached out to Tim Hortons corporate and the individual owner of the Roseville location, but have not yet received a response.