Animal control officer coaxes ducklings out of drain with mother duck cell phone sounds

A Hayward animal control officer managed to coax 11 ducklings out of a storm drain they had fallen into by playing mother duck sounds on her cell phone. 

A dozen ducklings were following their mother across the Chabot College campus when 11 of them fell through a grate and into the storm drain, police said on Wednesday.   

"The mama duck was quacking loudly after losing them and it raised the attention of a passerby," police said in a social media post.   

College maintenance staff removed the grate, but the ducklings moved deeper into the pipes, police said.  

 Hayward Animal Control Officer Susan Perez, who is familiar with rescuing animals that have fallen into storm drains, arrived and coaxed the ducks back out one-by-one by playing sounds of a mother duck on her phone, police said.