Mother of son killed by 3 APD officers files wrongful death lawsuit

A local mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit two months after her son was shot and killed by three APD officers.

The federal lawsuit was announced in front of the Austin Federal Courthouse Tuesday morning. It was filed against APD officers Kelby Radford, Ryan Rawlins and Jacob Bowman.

Through a tearful plea, Dorothy Motley begged for justice for her son Anthony Franklin.

"I just want to know why. Why? They killed my son for no reason. He was a human being," she said.

Shortly before midnight on Jan. 15, police began searching for a man with a gun after receiving multiple 911 calls. Three officers in an APD utility vehicle spotted Franklin holding a gun. APD claims Franklin matched the shooter's description.

"The description that was provided to us about the alleged shooter does not match Mr. Franklin's description. What was described was a completely different individual and nothing has been provided to say otherwise," said Nathaniel Mack, attorney with Mack Law Firm.

In body-cam footage released by APD, an unidentified man jumps over a ledge and runs off with his hands in the air. Franklin follows, but falls and police immediately open fire on him.

"It's sickening. This man was in a fetal position, balled up, defenseless," said Harry Daniels, attorney with Harry Daniels Law Firm.

Surrounded by Franklin's family, the attorneys representing them announced a lawsuit against the three APD officers who shot Franklin.

"Those officers who did these acts should be fired, terminated," said Daniels.

The attorneys are calling his death not only unjustified, but also murder.

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"He was a human being. The Austin City Police Department did not treat Anthony Franklin like a human being. They treated him like less than," said Bakari Sellers, attorney with Strong Law Firm.

Police say they gave Franklin several commands to drop his weapon and claim he did not comply and ran from police. His mother's attorneys say police did not give Franklin a chance to comply which is shown in the video. 

The attorneys plan to present this lawsuit to a jury.