Anti-Trump protesters outnumbered at rally

In Austin, hundreds of Pro-Trump counter-demonstrators came out to show their support for the leader. An anti-fascism group gathered at Austin City Hall on Saturday but they were greatly outnumbered by Pro-Trump supporters.

Around 20 members of the Antifa group were surrounded by Austin police, state troopers and University police. Law enforcement set up barriers with their bikes and bodies, to make sure things stayed peaceful.

Connor Perrin attended Saturday’s rally and said he was surprised to see the low number. "I mean I might not have come if I knew there would be so few of them, I got on my war paint and everything and then they barely showed up," said Perrin.

U.S. Army Veteran Nathan Plimpton came out Saturday to counter protest.

"That there supposed to lead some revolution and I know the Antifa have been violent in the past,"

Plimpton said. "As a veteran in the United States Army and as an American I feel it's my duty to come out here and protect people's property and protect them as well."

Plimpton said he was happy to see Pro-Trump supporters. "I'm also here to represent pride in our country as well. Because Antifa doesn't love our country in fact they want to over throw our country and over throw boarders,” said Plinton.

Marchers from both sides made their way through downtown Austin, they walked from City Hall to Republic Square and then back to City Hall.

Protesters on both sides carried handmade signs and waved flags while they marched the streets.

Lynette Lamonica said she didn't care about the low turnout from Anti-Trump protestors, she still wanted to deliver her message. "I felt it was important to stand up to the authoritarianism, the sexism and racism. The hate speech and the inciting of violence of this administration,” said Lamonica. She believes Trump isn’t fit to be president.

"To have a president who is tweeting in the middle of the night about ending North Korea... he said you may not be there much longer as if he's going to bomb them I mean this is our president it's really scary and frightening,” said Lamonica.

The large crowd also attracted the interests of many bystanders including Chris Vallejo's.

"I just stumbled upon this I'm wearing my normal clothes and it just so happens I'm in a political rally,” said Vallejo.

After watching and experiencing the event Vallejo said the message for either side still wasn’t clear.

"I can't understand who is supporting what? I don't see anyone helping anything I see them as dividing and not having a clear message,” said Vallejo.

During the march Vallejo said he couldn’t help but notice the large police presence and said there are better ways to use tax dollars. "I see the problem is we are just spending tax dollars to employ all these policemen to just to make sure there's not a fight," said Vallejo.