Anti-war activists rally at Capitol against air strikes on Syria

Protesters took to the Capitol Sunday calling for an end in U.S involvement in the middle-east after President Trump alongside France and Britain launched an air strike attack on Syria.

The strike comes a week after an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government in the town of Douma. About 50 local political demonstrators and anti-war activists carried signs chanting, “Number one terrorists, U.S imperialists.

Amina Choudhuri, a local political activist said she can recall the failed efforts the U.S made by launching an air strike last year. She said the Syrian Civil war has to many entities fighting for control.

"I don't think we should have any involvement at all it's too big of a mess it's bigger than us," Chourdhuri said. Several political organizations participated stressing the importance of spreading awareness about what goes on abroad.

"We believe that it is in direct violation of international law we believe that it has the potential to escalate conflicts against another nuclear power at a time of what we actually need is de-escalation and greater negotiations," Boutureira said.

The strike campaign consisted of 105 missiles, US B-1 bombers, warships and submarines.

Leaving the public wondering, what’s next?