APD officer caught on camera behaving badly for second time

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo has suspended officer Mark Lytle.

A few months back his dash cam was rolling when he joked about rape. Now, his own dash cam has once again captured him behaving badly.

Lytle's dash cam captured an exchange an exchange last December between he and a homeless woman living under an overpass.

He was detaining her for violating the City of Austin camping ordinance.

In an APD memo to the Director of Civil Service, Acevedo says the officer's "demeanor and language was rude and unprofessional," suspending him for 10 days.

This isn't the first policy violation Lytle's camera has captured.

Last May he was caught saying: "Go ahead and call the cops, they can't 'unrape' you."

That lead to a 5 day suspension after the video went viral on YouTube.

Acevedo says after Lytle's 10 day suspension he'll spend 20 days working with the team of officers assigned to working the ARCH downtown.

Acevedo added in determining Lytle's discipline, he took into account the officer's recent similar history, conduct and discipline.

Looking back at old Fox 7 stories, we reported on Mark Lytle back in 2011 when he shot a dog.

A witness told Fox 7 the officer went too far.