APD officer won't face charges related to 2015 Omni Hotel shooting

A Travis County Grand Jury has concluded that Austin police officer Carlos Lopez will not face charges related to the July 5, 2015 shooting death of Michael McGregor Holt.

The Travis County District Attorney's Office described what happened that day as follows:

At 4:30 a.m. that morning, Holt entered the Omni Hotel at 700 San Jacinto with a rifle slung over his shoulder and requested a room.  After paying for the room and obtaining a key, he left for a few minutes to visit Capital Factory, a business located inside the Omni Hotel where Holt was renting desk space, and then returned to the front desk still carrying the rifle.  The hotel manager requested that Holt not walk around the lobby openly carrying the rifle, but Holt informed the manager and staff that he owned the hotel and could do as he pleased.  At that point, the manager called 911.  Holt then pointed the rifle at a front desk clerk and at an unarmed security guard.  Shortly thereafter, cab driver Conrado Contreras entered the lobby.  Holt turned his attention to Contreras and shot him one time.  Contreras died from his injury.

Officer Lopez and other APD officers responded and spotted Holt through the glass walls of the building.  Holt then fired multiple rounds through the glass in the direction of officers.  Officer Lopez responded by advancing toward Holt and firing multiple rounds from his shotgun, striking Holt in the process.  Holt retreated with his rifle into the dining area of the hotel with Officer Lopez in pursuit.  Officer Lopez cornered Holt in a small space and ordered Holt to show his hands.  Holt failed to comply and instead fired again in the direction of Officer Lopez.  Officer Lopez returned fire with his pistol, striking Holt multiple times and killing him.