APD release surveillance video to help identify murder witnesses

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Allen Kiddy

Police are hoping witnesses to a brutal beating at a South Austin bus stop will come forward. 

One man died following the attack at the corner of Redd Street and Manchaca Road. Police arrested a suspect within an hour of the assault.

A surveillance camera at the Valero gas station captured the fight between the two men Saturday night.  Police said the victim, 66-year-old Allen Kiddy, was waiting there when a man by the name of Juan Del Toro, got off a Capital Metro bus and the two started arguing. 

“Then Del Toro is observed standing up from the bus stop and he proceeds to assault Mr. Kiddy, immediately knocking him to the ground and kicks him repeatedly,” said homicide Detective David Fugitt with the Austin Police Department.   

Police said when Del Toro left the bus stop, Kiddy was unconscious on the ground. 

“He was transported from the scene via ambulance to South Austin Medical Center and he was immediately placed on life support,” Fugitt said.  

Two days later, Kiddy died from his injuries. 

Police said they were able to find Del Toro in the area because he is part of the homeless community there. He was arrested for aggravated assault and booked into jail. 

“We have information that they may have been arguing over a female by the name of Brenda Everett that was an associate of both an ex-girlfriend of Del Toro,” said Fugitt.  

A detective released video of the assault hoping it would encourage witnesses to come forward to help piece the case together. 

“There are numerous vehicles that are in the video footage that are driving by. I can state that at least a couple of those vehicles did call into 911, so they have been identified, but you can clearly see that there are many other individuals that are in that area, and not only in vehicles, but on foot in the parking lot at the gas station as well,” Fugitt said.  

Neighbors near the area said the homeless population under the U.S. 290 bridge has been continually growing. 

“As time goes on and the population increases, the likelihood of crime is going to increase. I think that's probably been proven everywhere that has a large homeless population,” said a woman named Mae who lives a few blocks from the crime scene. 

Many said they wish Austin city leaders would step in to help people without a place to go before anyone else gets hurt. 

“You think you're free out under a highway, but you're really not. People can steal your stuff, you have no healthcare, you can get harmed and then you have nowhere to go,” Mae said.  

Anyone who witnessed the assault and has not called police is asked to do so. Detectives said Del Toro’s charges may be upgraded to manslaughter or murder now that Kiddy has died.