APD releases 2019 Christmas and New Year No Refusal statistics, 274 DWI arrests

The Austin Police Department has released the statistics for the 2019 Christmas and New Year No Refusal Initiatives. 

The initiatives took place between December 12, 2019 through January 4, 2020, at 10 p.m. through 5 a.m. each night. During this period APD made 274 DWI related arrests. 

No Refusal DWI related arrests: 

  • 124 Blood search warrants 
  • 96 Consent breath samples 
  • 54 Consent blood samples 

"The Austin Police Department and the City of Austin Transportation Department are continuously focused on preventing lives from being lost on the streets, highways, and waterways of Austin." APD wrote in a statement concerning the DWI arrests. 

Of the 274 DWI arrests, additional charges were placed on some individuals. 

Additional DWI Charges: 

  • 44 Consent breath samples over .15 BAL 
  • 37 Class A Misdemeanor DWI (with prior conviction) 
  • 20 Felony DWI (Two or more prior convictions) 
  • 3 Felony DWI with child passenger 
  • 1 Intoxication assault