APD: Robber threatens to kill woman, child at South Austin grocery store

The robbery happened on the morning of October 7th in the parking lot of an H-E-B at the intersection of Brodie Lane and William Cannon.

A man approached a woman and her child, according to Austin Police Detective Steve Nash, and then threatened to kill them both if she didn’t give him her money.

“He did not display a weapon but we cannot confirm if he is armed or not at this point,” said Nash.

Security cameras at the H-E-B recorded images of the man when he entered before the attack took place. He’s about 5’7" with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye and in the video walks with a noticeable forward slump. It’s not known if the man targeted the woman and her child while they were inside the store.

“We are investigating every possibility at this time I can’t answer that positive I have no idea,” said Nash.

This is a busy area with a lot of stores and a lot of foot traffic. Shoppers who spoke to FOX7 did not recognize the man.

Dallas Heenan, who was loading up his groceries, is concerned that the attack happened in broad daylight.

“Very much so,” said Heenan.

No one we spoke to recognized the man. Staying aware of one’s surroundings was a common response.

“Over here it’s OK, I don’t have any problems recently,” said Elise Andrade.

The woman and her child were able to escape by running back into the store. Investigators believe the man hangs out in the area. It’s not known if he is part of the transient community.

“We don’t know there is a continual danger to the public we don’t know much about this individual at all," Nash said. "We don’t know the method he is using we don’t even know where he lives or his living status, so there’s so many unknowns that is what makes me worry more."

Investigators believe someone will recognize his distinctive teardrop tattoo under the left eye. Tips can be submitted by phone or by using APD‘s mobile app.