APD says five women held hostage

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UPDATE: Police said four of the women were raped. It was previously reported two of the five were sexually assaulted. 

Police said five women were kidnapped at gunpoint, and two of them raped, at a South Austin apartment. Police said some of the suspects are behind bars. 

One victim reportedly met a man at the gas station, while asking for drugs. When it was time for the transaction a few days later, things took a turn for the worse.

23-year-old Demetri Rogers is at the Travis County Jail held on charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. 19-year-old Christopher Jaramillo is also being held on those two charges, plus aggravated sexual assault and driving under the influence.

Police are still searching for 20-year-old Emmanuel Grear. The fourth suspect hasn't been identified yet.

Police said five victims were held hostage after trying to buy drugs at an apartment off Burton Drive in South Austin. Valeria Silva lives nearby.

"I mean, you kind of see EMS and police cars out here a lot. So, it's not surprising as far as the area itself but it is surprising to hear something like that happening," said Silva. 

Victim number one was told to come inside the apartment and go to the bedroom. That's when Emmanuel Grear reportedly came out with a gun, put zip ties on her hands and sexually assaulted her. Police said she was then raped by Christopher Jaramillo.

The men then used her cell phone to lure another woman into the apartment. When she got there, they demanded money, threatened her with a gun and put zip ties on her hands ultimately raping her as well.

Victim three, victim four and victim five were also lured into the apartment. According to court documents, the suspects demanded information from the women so they could reportedly rob other drug dealers.

"I think it's just trying to really teach people how to just be safe, how to have a plan in place just in case someone does something like that," said Silva.

Police said Demetri Rogers and the unidentified fourth suspect later took one of the women to the Super 8 Motel off I35 in North Austin, where she was staying.

At that point, she was able to break away and call 911. Police said they were able to obtain surveillance video from the motel.  That led them to a residence where they did a sweep of the home and made two arrests.