APD zeroing in on Rendon Park assault suspects

The Austin Police Department says 19-year-old Isaiah Berron was assaulted by several people at Edward Rendon Park Sunday.

His father spoke to FOX 7 Tuesday, demanding the people responsible turn themselves in. "I need help. We need help. We need answers. I can't lose my son," said Eric Berron.

"The victim Isaiah was approached by maybe a known subject, but we are not sure about that, then attacked by several others to the point where he fell down to the ground and was probably assaulted further on the ground," said Detective Adam Torres with the Austin Police Department.

Bertha Rendon-Delgado says in her many years of attending the park, she has never seen something like this happen. "There have been several rumors that have taken place about what might have transpired. At the end of the day, any child or anybody should not be hurt in that manner to where they are fighting for their life," said Rendon-Delgado.

She feels there could be more of a police presence to prevent these episodes. "The weekends are really the need. I think Sunday is really the day these gangs and adolescents have come to our area and have caused destruction. Sunday is the day we need to have some oversight," she said.

The police department told FOX 7 Austin that park officers were in the park the day of the assault, however Rendon-Delgado believes community policing and positive interaction is the answer. "I'm sure that would be something we could arrange. Just depends on if that community would want our involvement," said Torres.

Isaiah's family says the bleeding in the brain has stopped, but some complications are delaying his surgery. Police are hoping the suspects can turn themselves in.

"I'm looking at several suspects, there are no warrants issued right now. I would encourage whoever these individuals are to stand up and let their version be heard. That's the only way we will be able to know exactly what happened and why," said Torres.

If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS.

You can report tips anonymously if you choose.



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