APH recommends pre-registering for COVID-19 vaccination online

Hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses are coming to Texas this week following the winter freezes which put a hold on distribution. Austin Public Health worked on catching up on their back log those storms created.

In total according to the Texas Department of Human Services, Travis County will be receiving more than 37,000 dose, with 12,000 heading to Austin Public Health. 

APH is encouraging people who have not yet done so to register for the vaccine on their website 


While pre-registration does not ensure that you will be scheduled for a vaccine immediately, they say it will allow you to be added to the system which will schedule you for later date. On Monday, 319,000 people have pre-registered, with more than 232,000 people meeting the Phase 1A or 1B.

If you want to use a provider other then Austin Public Health. Travis County and Austin have this website which lists all the providers in the area. It also has a Q&A section about the vaccination process for those who need it.