Appeals court cancels hearing in Rodney Reed case

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has canceled a hearing scheduled for Wednesday that could have voided Rodney Reed's death warrant.

He is set to be executed on November 20, one week from Wednesday, and Tuesday's decision delays answers as to whether Reed's execution for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites might be delayed or commuted.

In 2014 Judge Doug Shaver signed Reed's execution order slated for next week. Reed's attorneys say Shaver wasn't properly appointed when he did so.

Carson Campbell from the 21st District Court in Bastrop was set to hear arguments from Stites' attorneys and Reed's attorneys tomorrow in Bastrop County. The hearing was about Shaver’s appointment.

Reed's attorneys wanted Campbell to void Shaver's execution order which would delay Reed's execution.

The appeals court put a stop to the hearing. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has given Shaver and Campbell until 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon to issue written responses in the case.

Reed has maintained his innocence since his conviction.