Are you flying out of AUS this week? What travelers should know

'Tis the season to pack your patience, as holiday travel picks up at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The airport saw around 25,000 passengers pass through security on Sunday, and about 27,000 on Sunday--leading to longer lines and wait times, especially in the morning. Airport officials say the travel volume is approaching 2019 levels. That year was the busiest on record at AUS.

"We are anticipating it to stay steady throughout this week all the way through New Year's as well," said ABIA spokesperson Bryce Dubee.

Despite the volume, delays and cancellations were minimal Sunday, but Marissa Canova was among the unlucky few. "It's ridiculous. It's the holidays. They canceled our flight and gave us no reason, and then gave us an $84 voucher to get friggin' food here. That's not okay," said Canova.

She's got some advice, so you don't end up in your shoes. "Just make sure you have everything situated before your flight. unlike us. We looked a couple of hours ago and luckily we're here trying to figure it out. So that's all I can give yat," said Canova.

Airport officials recommend arriving at least two hours early for domestic flights, and three hours early for international.

If you're bringing gifts on board, Dubee says, "we recommend if it's something that you can bring in your carry-on that's allowed by TSA. If it's a wrapped gift, put it in your carry-on luggage rather than your checked luggage. You can make the baggage screening process go a little quicker."

If you're looking to enjoy a little Christmas cheer, airport officials have a reminder to take it easy.

"Maybe you're going to sit down and have a cocktail before your flight. We're just advising everybody to drink responsibly and also that you remember that you can't take any of those drinks onto the aircraft with you," said Dubee.

Back in the terminal, Canova is still holding out some holiday hope. "Hopefully we get a new flight and Spirit credits us the way we're supposed to, and we can get back home to our family," said Canova.

A few other reminders if you're headed to AUS this week: parking is at a premium, so know where you're going to park ahead of time; and for dropoffs, you can use either the upper or lower curbside levels.

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