Arizona woman speaks out after giving birth to 14-pound baby

People often use the term "big baby" for a variety of reasons, but one Arizona couple can legitimately use the term to describe their newborn!

According to Cary and Tim Patonai, their newborn, Finnley, was born on at Banner Thunderbird Hospital on Oct. 4. Finnley was born at 38 weeks, and weighed in at 14lbs, 1oz.

To put the weight in perspective, officials with University of Michigan Health say the average birth day for babies is around 7.5 lb, with weights between 5.5 lb to 10 lb being considered normal.

"As soon as they pulled him out, they're like, 'oh my gosh, that's huge!'" said Cary. "Everybody was freaking out like I've never seen a baby that big I can't believe it. So perfect and round in every way. He's definitely my squishy little honey bear."

Cary said Finnley's size was not a total surprise. At her last ultrasound, nurses said he was weighting in at 13 lbs.

"They're like, 'oh, ultrasounds can be off. He probably won't weigh that much,'" said Cary.

The Patonais believe Finnley may be one of the largest babies to be born at Banner Thunderbird, but hospital officials say they are unable to comment due to federal patient privacy laws.

Cary said Finnley has already become a little celebrity at the hospital.

"The fact that doctors that do this everyday want to take a picture with you and your baby -- I'm just laying here like this, you know, and I'm getting sewed up, and meanwhile, we are taking a little photoshoot at the top, it's kind of funny," said Cary.

Finnley spent eight days in the ICU following his birth.

"There was one point in the NICU that he was with one of four babies, and his weight was their three total altogether, so we were laughing at that," said Cary.

Finnley is back at home, and in the good hands of his big brothers, Devlin and Emmett.

"I think he's just perfect in every way. I don't even care if he's bigger than me. I love him!" said Emmett.

"I'm excited I feel like my family's complete now," said Tim.

Cary said Finnley is her third child, and he was born after she suffered 19 miscarriages since 2008.

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