Arlington man sentenced for stomping girlfriend's baby

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An Arlington man found guilty of beating and stomping his girlfriend’s baby to death was sentenced to life in prison.

Police said Joshua Beard slammed 18-month-old Tylea onto the bed so hard that she bounced off and hit the ground in 2014. He then stomped on her.

He and the child’s mother, Alexis Botello, are accused of burying her in Parker County.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit for Botello, Beard put Tylea’s body in a car. They drove from Arlington to a Weatherford Walmart, where they purchased gloves and shovels.

They allegedly dug a grave under a bridge, buried the body and covered it with logs and rocks.

Botello later confessed and told investigators where to find Tylea’s body. She was wrapped in a blanket and wearing only a diaper, according to the affidavit.

Botello is still awaiting trial for tampering with evidence and injury to a child.

Her father told FOX 4 in 2014 that her alleged actions may have been out of fear of Beard. The police documents mention alleged domestic violence on the night of Tylea’s death.

"Beard hit and choked Botello when she tried to stop him,” a search warrant states.

The death penalty was not an option for Beard.