Man threatens to stab two victims, refuses arrest in downtown Austin: affidavit

A man was arrested after chasing two victims with a knife in downtown Austin late Sunday night, according to an arrest affidavit.

According to the arrest affidavit, on Sunday, June 9, around 11:36 p.m., the two victims were parking their car in a parking lot near the intersection of E. 7th and Trinity Streets. 

The suspect, 46-year-old Terry Bailey, was in the parking lot yelling and screaming aggressively. One of the victims said he believed Bailey was on drugs.

Bailey approached the victims as they were getting out of their car and asked "Y'all wanna start something?" One of the victims replied they were not trying to fight Bailey. Bailey then pulled a knife from his waist band, swinging it downward and saying "Y'all wanna f----- fight or what?"

Bailey then sprinted toward one of the victims, who ran away, falling and injuring his knee. The other victim distracted Bailey. The first victim ran to his car and got into the driver's seat. 

Bailey advanced toward the car, saying "I know that back window is open!" He then stabbed into the vehicle through the rear driver's side window. No one was in the back seat.

The victim drove to the other victim, who got into the car. The two drove four blocks up Trinity Street while calling 911. They arrived at the intersection of East 11th and Trinity Streets, where an officer made contact with them.

The two victims pointed out Bailey as they drove with the officer. Officers found Bailey along with the knife he had used, and they attempted to place him in custody.

Bailey refused to go into the back seat of the patrol vehicle. Officers had to use continuous strength to push Terry towards the back seat. Police were able to get Bailey into the car, and the suspect was transported to jail.


The suspect refused to identify himself to police, who found documents confirming his identity among Bailey's belongings.

Terry Bailey mug shot (Austin Police Department)

Terry Bailey was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, one count of Resisting Arrest and one count of Failing to Identify himself.

He is currently in the Travis County Jail, where the total of his bonds is set at $45,000.