Arrests made Saturday during downtown parade and March for Trump in Austin

A march supporting President Trump and his administration was held downtown Saturday. But it wasn't completely peaceful - just hours before it started, authorities say they made at least two arrests.

DPS says they arrested one person for assault today, this stemming from a verbal altercation between two people. As for the other altercation APD handled this and FOX 7 has video.

This happened at the corner of 5th and Congress, a couple hours before the March 4 Trump event. A few men in black shirts rush toward a man and begin hitting him.

He ends up being knocked to the ground.

FOX 7’S Destiny chance exclusively talked to the man who now has cuts and bruises.

He says this happened because of difference in opinion.

Man who was assaulted in video: "As I was standing there holding my sign and the confederate flags walked by a man runs in from behind and hits me in the back of the head grabs me by the hair starts punching me in the face upwards of 10 times and starts kneeing me right to the face splitting open my eyebrow and attacked me simply because of my activism."

As for the march Saturday afternoon, there seemed to be a larger police presence than actual attendance. DPS tells FOX 7 they were expecting a much larger crowd for today's march.

Despite the low turnout, that didn't stop tension between groups for and against the march.