As COVID-19 stimulus checks begin to hit bank accounts, here's what you need to know

COVID-19 economic impact payments are beginning to hit Americans' bank accounts. 

Singles with an adjusted gross income up to $75,000 will receive $1,200. Head of household filers with an AGI income up to $112,500 dollars, and married couples making up to $150,000 will receive $2,400. 

Singles making $75,000 to $99,000 dollars will receive a reduced payment, same for head of household filers making $112,500 to $136,500 -- and married couples making $150,000 to $198,000. 

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The IRS has information online about who is eligible for the payments. Those who qualify and have not received a payment should visit the IRS's website.

There are two options on the site, one for people who filed tax returns in 2018-19, and another for those who did not. 

The IRS considers eligible “non-filers," or US citizens who did not file because their 2019 gross income did not exceed $12,000 or $24,000 for married couples, as well as those who were not otherwise required to file. There is a form non-filers can fill out.

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For those who filed in 2018-19, receive social security retirement, disability, survivor or railroad retirement benefits, the IRS is expected to roll-out the “My Payment” app in the coming days. There, users can check payment status, confirm payment type-- direct deposit or check-- and enter bank account information for direct deposit if the IRS does not have it and has not sent the user's payment.


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