'As long as it takes': Biden visits Florida, delivers remarks following Hurricane Idalia destruction

President Biden arrived in Florida Saturday, visiting parts of the state that were nearly destroyed after Hurricane Idalia ripped through earlier this week. 

During a live press conference in Live Oak, Biden thanked Florida officials for their help and commended FEMA for the "incredible" job he believes they're doing in response to the crisis. 

Many are still without power in Live Oak affecting economic wellbeing as businesses cannot operate without electricity. 

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"I know it's frustrating it's hard, I've directed FEMA to help you in every way they can and FEMA in the future can fund and replace these wooden poles with steel poles," Biden spoke to the small crowd.  

Before concluding his speech, Biden condemned the racially-motivated mass shooting that ended three lives in Jacksonville last week. 

"Hate will not prevail in America," Biden said.