As thousands of students prepare for prom, APD prepares them to make it a safe night

Over the next few weeks, thousands of high school students will slip on their best dresses and suits for a night they could be talking about when they're older. Prom is approaching fast, and APD wants it to be a safe one for all.

APD Officer Fausto Rodriguez and Lyndon B. Johnson senior Malik Allen are two different people, in entirely different points in their lives, but share a very similar experience.

"My friend Ricardo passed away a few years ago crossing the street. A drunk driver hit him and never stopped," said Allen.

"I had a friend back in California who died, was killed by a drunk driver during prom week," said Rodriguez.

That kind of experience happens all too much in America. That's why Austin Police are partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) to warn teens about the dangers of peer pressure during prom week.

"Senior prom night, our youth are presented with many different challenges, and those challenges are directly related to their safety," said Officer Antwain Tarver, APD.

The presentation included a lesson against texting and driving, DWI consequences, along with a drunk driving simulation, with goggles set at nearly twice the legal limit.

"It's very difficult to do that test while you're intoxicated," said Celeste Zavala, senior.

"I feel like just being educated about these types of situations helps to prevent these types of incidents," said Allen.

Students say they took a lot away from this presentation.

It's a way to make their prom night memorable, but more importantly safe.

"I'm the DJ at my prom, so I can't wait to turn up," said Allen.

Prom for LBJ is this weekend. Officer are hoping students will not only use these tips for this prom season, but for the rest of their lives.