Attorney behind racially-charged stickers says race was not the point

The "Exclusively for White People" stickers posted around Austin last week are still causing quite a stir.

Now the Austin attorney who claims responsibility for posting them is speaking with FOX 7.

He explains his motive behind his controversial actions.

Adam Reposa says his effort of posting stickers was a social experiment.

He was hoping it would bring awareness to the issue of class, not race.

Others say that did not come across well.

"Exclusively for White People."

If you take it for face value, it could seem quite offensive.

Austin attorney Adam Reposa says we are missing the underlying meaning.

"There was nothing about that, that said Whites are superior to Blacks. What it said was, these establishments by order of the city are only for Whites and a very small number of Blacks, which is true," says Adam Reposa, attorney.

Reposa says it wasn't designed that way but policies, tax incentives and political moves by City Council have led to this result.

Something he is trying to help change.

That's the reason he says he posted the racially-charged stickers on several local businesses in East Austin last week, but he says race was not what he was trying to target.

Instead, he says we should do away with it.

"If you want to change the effects of wealth concentration, then you have to stop thinking about yourself in that way and you have to just look at, what are the mechanisms by which the rich get richer? I'm telling you that identifying issues like this, as racist, is part of how the rich get richer," says Reposa.

We showed some of our Skype interview to the president of Austin's NAACP.

"He has a lot of nerve frankly but I understand his mentality," says Nelson Linder, president of NAACP Austin.

Nelson Linder says Reposa has the equation upside down.

"Many black folks were kicked out of this area because they couldnt pay their taxes, so there's a real coversation but he's just about 20 years late. It's not about wealth and poverty for the most part, it's about policies that displace black people to Manor, to Pflugerville because of lack of housing and opportunities," says Linder.

The NAACP continues to work on getting the right resources to the areas of Austin that are underserved.

Linder says that is the solution, not having a white supremist type attitude.

"If a black man did that, I guarantee you he wouldn't be holding interviews and leaving the aiport, he'd be in jail. So again, he's a beneficiary of White skin priviledges and he doesn't even know it," says Linder.

Linder says if Reposa wants to help, he should get educated and not try to fix something he knows nothing about.

We tried contacting some of the businesses that were affected but they declined an interview.

They don't want any other attention that could affect their business negatively.

We asked Reposa if he thought police would charge him with anything.

"I dont think they're going to try to exploit this situation, you know they've got real problems to focus on. This is just all talk. They've got people killing each other, stabbing each other," says Reposa.

Reposa will be holding a press conference this Friday.

He wants to come up with a plan on how to tackle wealth concentration because he says past efforts by others have been ineffective.