Austin 911 caller on hold for 23 minutes trying to report car fire

A witness said he was on hold with 911 for 23 minutes as he tried to report a car fire in North Austin on May 8.

The Austin Fire Department said the call came in around 6:12 p.m. about a car on fire at the Walmart on Norwood Park Blvd. AFD said the engine of the car caught fire.

Ira High witnessed the start of the fire and said it took awhile for first responders to show up.

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"It took 22 minutes and a few seconds for Austin 911 to finally answer the call. It could have been even worse because as you can see, the trees were catching on fire," said High.

"Biggest concern and biggest problem I have is what if someone would have been trapped in that car? 22 minutes to answer the phone? It's unacceptable. Our police, our fire, our ems and our dispatchers need help," High added.

FOX 7 Austin was told the car belonged to a woman in her 60s who had just had the car services. 

AFD said there were no injuries.