New details revealed about February near-collision at Austin airport

New documents reveal a lack of equipment and training inside the traffic control tower at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. This was for a National Transportation Safety Board investigation into a near-collision.

In February, a Fed-Ex cargo jet was cleared for landing about the same time a Southwest flight was cleared to take off on the same runway.

The report reveals the contract weather office, which monitors the weather for safety, is located in a window-less tower with no internet access and no way to monitor weather radar.

They were provided a computer by the FAA to access the FAA intranet, but that remained off due to repeated failed attempts to obtain an FAA email address.

Meanwhile, the air traffic control facility was not equipped with any form of surface detection capability.

Several air traffic controllers were missing numerous required training items. 


The air traffic controller involved in the February incident failed to complete 24 required refresher training items.

The report did note the airport was working to fill a handful of air traffic controller vacancies.

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